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I am a researcher at JetBrains Research. I did my PhD at Saint Petersburg University, Russia. I was a research intern at IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid (June - August 2015) and at MPI-SWS, Kaiserslautern (May - August 2016; January, May, September - October 2017). I'm interested in weak memory models and language semantics.

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What's new

[September-October 2018] Visiting MPI-SWS, Kaiserslautern.
[July 2018] Attending DeepSpec Summer School.




[DBLP, Google Scholar]
  1. Bridging the Gap Between Programming Languages and Hardware Weak Memory Models
    A.Podkopaev, O.Lahav, V.Vafeiadis
    In Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages, POPL 2019.
  2. Relational programming with memoization and negation (In Russian)
    E. Moiseenko, A.Podkopaev
    In NTV SPbSTU 2 (11), August 2018.
  3. On compilation correctness for a subset of a promising memory model to the ARMv8.3 memory model (In Russian)
    A.Podkopaev, O.Lahav, V.Vafeiadis
    In NTV SPbSTU 4 (10), December 2017.
  4. Promising Compilation to ARMv8.3 (In Russian)
    A.Podkopaev, O.Lahav, V.Vafeiadis
    In proceedings of ISP RAS, 2017.
    [Draft, Full proof]
  5. Promising Compilation to ARMv8 POP
    A.Podkopaev, O.Lahav, V.Vafeiadis
    In 2017 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, ECOOP 2017.
    [Full paper, PLC slides, ECOOP slides]
  6. Operational Aspects of C/C++ Concurrency
    A.Podkopaev, I.Sergey, A.Nanevski
  7. A Language-Independent Code Formatting by Syntactic Matching and Templates (In Russian)
    A.Podkopaev, A.Korovianskii, I.Ozernykh
    In NTV SPbSTU 4 (224), October 2015.
    [PDF, Repo]
  8. Polynomial-Time Optimal Pretty-Printing Combinators with Choice
    A.Podkopaev, D.Boulytchev
    In Proceedings of 9th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference on Perspectives of System Informatics, PSI 2014.
    [Springer link, Repo (Haskell), Repo (Kotlin)]
  9. Tools for Rapid Development of Domain-Specific Solutions In QReal Metacase System (In Russian)
    A.Kuzenkova, A.Deripaska, K.Taran, A.Podkopaev, Yu.Litvinov, T.Bryksin
    In NTV SPbSTU 4 (128), 2011.
    [Elibrary, Journal PDF, Project page].


  1. Promising compilation to {x86, Power, ARM}
    A.Podkopaev (based on work of D. Dreyer, C.-K. Hur, J. Kang, O. Lahav, A. Podkopaev, V. Vafeiadis)

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