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I am a PhD student at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, and a researcher at JetBrains Research. I was a research intern at IMDEA Software Institute, Madrid (June - August 2015) and at MPI-SWS, Kaiserslautern (May - August 2016; January, May, September - October 2017). I'm interested in weak memory models and language semantics.

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What's new

[12 December 2017] Giving a talk "Weak Memory" at ITMO University.




[DBLP, Google Scholar]
  1. Promising Compilation to ARMv8 POP
    A.Podkopaev, O.Lahav, V.Vafeiadis
    In 2017 European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming, ECOOP 2017.
    [Full paper, PLC slides, ECOOP slides]
  2. A Language-Independent Code Formatting by Syntactic Matching and Templates
    A.Podkopaev, A.Korovianskii, I.Ozernykh
    In NTV SPbSTU 4 (224), October 2015 [In Russian].
    [PDF, Repo]
  3. Polynomial-Time Optimal Pretty-Printing Combinators with Choice
    A.Podkopaev, D.Boulytchev
    In Proceedings of 9th International Andrei Ershov Memorial Conference on Perspectives of System Informatics, PSI 2014.
    [Springer link, Repo (Haskell), Repo (Kotlin)]
  4. Tools for Rapid Development of Domain-Specific Solutions In QReal Metacase System
    A.Kuzenkova, A.Deripaska, K.Taran, A.Podkopaev, Yu.Litvinov, T.Bryksin
    In NTV SPbSTU 4 (128), 2011 [In Russian].
    [Elibrary, Journal PDF, Project page].

Drafts in submission

  1. Operational Aspects of C/C++ Concurrency
    A.Podkopaev, I.Sergey, A.Nanevski


  1. Promising compilation to {x86, Power, ARM}
    A.Podkopaev (based on work of D. Dreyer, C.-K. Hur, J. Kang, O. Lahav, A. Podkopaev, V. Vafeiadis)

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